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Automated Assembly Equipment

Types of Automated Assembly Equipment

We have designed and built many types of automated assembly equipment.   Examples include:

  • Fully automated assembly systems can include robotics, palletized conveyor lines, automated feeders, and a higher level of automated control with minimal operator interaction.
  • Semi-automated assembly equipment require more operator interaction. We commonly use robotics, palletized conveyor lines and automated feeders with semi automated equipment. For instance, an operator loading and unloading parts into a machine and the machine performing all of the required assembly steps.
  • Manual assembly equipment with single workstations and a low level of automated control. Typically these stations would include manually operated tooling or fixturing with automated part presence and verification sensors to verify the assembly process.

Our automated assembly cells are designed and built for single or multi-part assemblies. The cells integrate the appropriate automation technologies, resulting in consistent and high quality production. Fully customized industrial fixtures and multi-axis tools assure optimum part positioning and processing. Our equipment allow you to streamline production with shorter cycle times, improved operator ergonomics and zero-defect assembly by incorporating in-line or end-of-line testing.

The Koops, Inc. Difference

Koops provides full-service and support to all clients with a focus on solution engineering and customer satisfaction. With outstanding manufacturing knowledge and a keen understanding of high-speed automation technology, Koops, Inc. provides cutting-edge automated assembly equipment. Our semi-automated assembly cells can handle multiple tasks in order to meet your specific manufacturing requirements, including part feeding, indexing, machine vision, controllers, screwdriver spindles, process monitoring systems, and more.

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