Cleanroom Equipment

Our cleanroom equipment is engineered to meet your unique specifications. Koops can install a wide range of equipment in various classes and ISO-rated levels of cleanrooms across industries, including the medical, battery, automotive, and aerospace fields; as well as food grade systems.

Cleanroom equipment ranges from simple manual cleanroom workstations to fully-automated robotic cells that feature a full range of functions, including automated dispensing, part feeding, laser marking, cutting, and even packaging.

Cleanroom Equipment Features and Benefits

  • Equipment built for different cleanroom classifications
  • Final assembly testing
  • Laser trimming and marking
  • Error proofing
  • Manual and automated assembly
  • Manual and automated dispensing
  • Packaging
  • UV curing applications
  • Vision and cycle test verification
  • Repeatability

*Capabilities not limited to the above only.

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