Packaging and Palletizing

Many products produced on Koops automated equipment are packaged for shipment and resale. Integration of automated-packaging equipment at the end of the production line will eliminate extra handling of finished product, saving you money and time. Koops can offer a wide variety of custom-engineered packaging and palletizing solutions as options to pair with your automated equipment.

Packaging can be a repetitive and daunting process, which could be a perfect place to add automation. Koops can simplify the process by utilizing a myriad of solutions, including box erectors, baggers, heat sealers, flow wrappers, labelers, etc., as well as custom-designed gantry robot units.

Our palletizing robotic systems can be designed to pick from single or multiple outfeed lines and palletized to one or multiple pallets depending on product specifics. In collaboration with FANUC Robotics, Koops utilizes palletizing-specific robots and palletizing software for a cost-effective, yet robust, solution to meet your needs.

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