Automotive Applications

Koops specializes in automating processes for the automotive industry, including:

Body and Chassis

  • Welding and assembly
  • Punching and deburring


  • Dispense and assembly
  • Conveyance and packaging

Overhead Systems

  • Toolpack style changeover
  • Industry leading repeatability and aesthetics

Interior Components
Door Panels, Instrument Panels, Consoles, Pillars, etc.

  • Solid and bypass punching
  • Screw driving and gluing
  • Clip driving and sonic welding

Exterior Components
Fascias, Door Handles, Bumpers, etc.

  • Sonic punch and weld
  • Screw driving and sealing

HVAC System

  • Pressing and assembly
  • Electrical and function testing

Mirrors and Cameras

  • Delicate material handling and precision dispensing
  • Function and vision testing

Drivetrain Components

  • Screw driving and assembly
  • Force feedback pressing

Compression Molded Flooring and Fiber Products

  • Molding and trimming cells
  • Check fixtures and material handling
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