Component Feeding / Material Handling

Component Feeding and Automated Material Handling

Automated material handling systems are critical for increased productivity, reduced material usage, increased machine reliability, and better-quality finished parts. Our solutions emerge from a thorough analysis and understanding of our clients’ requirements and goals, realized through our engineering expertise and innovation.

From robotic-tending cells to palletized conveyor lines, Koops integrates application-appropriate solutions for best-in-class, cost-effective, and highly-productive automated material handling systems—giving our clients a competitive edge.

What types of feeders are best for my application?

Bowl Feeders

Koops has experience with a wide variety of bowl feeders to aid in assembly- and material-handling processes. Bowl feeders are machines built specifically for one part type and excel at feeding that one part at a relatively high speed. If you have low cycle time requirements and minimal part variance, a bowl feeder may be right for your application.

Flex Feeders

When part types vary or there is not a specific feature to feed a part, flex feeders can help where a bowl feeder may fail. Flex feeders, including vibratory tables, recirculating conveyors, or step feeders, collaborate well with a robot and vision system to pick parts at a high speed. These applications allow for more flexibility and greater part variance.

Robotic vs. Hard Automation

There are many ways automation can solve problems in your process. So-called "hard automation", for instance, can be a relatively inexpensive way to move a product between two locations. However, that system may not afford you the flexibility or speed you need in your process tomorrow. Though more expensive, a 6-axis robotic arm or a 4-axis SCARA robot can provide you with speed, precision, and flexibility for years to come. There are many factors that can influence your automation decisions—Koops will help you clarify what matters, helping you make the best choice for your organization.

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