Conveyor System Integration

Our conveyor systems are engineered to your unique requirements. From simple to complex, Koops designs and delivers the ideal cost effective, safe, and efficiency-streamlining conveyor systems, optimizing your material-handling productivity.

Whether your environment is an ISO 6 cleanroom for medical device assembly or a metalworking operation filled with chips and coolant, we can provide conveyor systems for any type of environment.

Why Use Conveyors?

  • Buffer quantities in storage and balance your process flow
  • Decrease unnecessary operator steps to maximize utilization and assist in maintaining proper ergonomics
  • Increase accuracy in material placement with high-precision movements
  • Move material safely from one point to another
  • Perform value-add operations while moving materials

Conveyor Types and Benefits

Belt Conveyors

  • Variable speeds allow you to ramp up or down depending on your requirements
  • Cost-effective feeding solution

Tabletop Chain Conveyors

  • Transfers high-component volumes
  • Acts as a buffer between operations in circulating conveyors
  • Often used in applications where bottles or boxes need to be transferred

Roller Conveyors

  • Power
    • Often used for wood pallets
    • Best used for heavy loads and transferring large materials
  • Gravity
    • Low-cost alternative—putting conveyors at an angle use gravity to transport loads from point A to point B
    • Used in dunnage scenarios in collaboration with operators

Palletized Conveyors

  • Creates material-specific nesting with the versatility to swap out pallets
  • Delivers materials to precise locations for robotic operations
  • Utilizes timed-indexing to control cycle time for higher throughput
  • Allows operators and robots to work together in the same line by keeping distinct boundaries between operational stations
  • Incorporates RFID tracking with pallets to increase quality control

Over/Under and Race Track Conveyors

  • Allows for increased-storage space to decrease changeover times
  • Adds additional levels of storage for in-line pallet changeover
  • Increases speed on return conveyors to decrease number of required pallets

Sanitary Conveyors

  • Designed for fast and hygienic cleaning
  • Often used in food-grade or medical-grade environments
  • USDA, AMI, and FDA approved
  • Available for ISO Standard 14644-1 Class 5 and Federal Standard 209 Class 100 clean room applications
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