Vision and Scanning Systems

Koops partners with the most recognized machine vision brands in the industry to produce the best solution for each vision application. Each system is tailored to our clients’ requirements and can utilize a single or multi-camera application to achieve desired results. We have successfully integrated a variety of vision and scanning systems into many different automated assembly applications. Our vision and scanning systems are engineered to your unique requirements to maximize quality and efficiency.

Vision and Scanning System Applications

  • Can eliminate the need for human intervention
  • Error detecting and part-presence verifications
  • Non-contact
  • Used for final inspection, part orientation, color verification, etc.

Vision Types and Benefits

2D Vision and Scanning Systems

Adequate for most vision applications. There's a wide array of solutions ranging from vision sensors to full-blown Machine Vision and Scanning Systems. Koops utilizes a wide range of imaging techniques to highlight features of interest in the 2D image, and then we use software tools to repeatably find those features and judge how accurately we find them.

3D Vision and Scanning Systems

Introduced when traditional imaging techniques do not highlight features well enough to make a distinguishable difference. 3D utilizes different technologies to create a representational image of height, which can allow us to use software tools to judge the profile of features of interest.

Deep Learning

Introduced when regular training-of-vision tools do not work (i.e., when features are not consistent enough). Deep Learning allow us to use software tools to judge whether a portion of the image more closely matches a batch of good-example images or bad-example images.  

Automated Metrology

Koops has a wide array of measurement and metrology technologies ready to be integrated into equipment to meet our clients’ needs. We can integrate a wide range of hardware and software—from standalone-measurement sensors to full-integrated metrology measurement and analysis systems. For applications with many parts, a myriad of features, or large areas requiring inspection, we can introduce motion into the system so that dynamic measurements or static measurements can be taken. Koops has successfully used pneumatic, servo, and robotic motion in measurement and metrology systems depending on customer requirements and preferences. Speed and complexity of these systems range from in-line, near-line, and even off-line options. Non-contact measurement accuracies down to the sub 10-micron range are possible—Koops will work with you to find the best solution to meet your needs!



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