Newcor Welders

Koops is proud to now offer the services, parts, and capabilities of Newcor.

Koops is proud to now offer the services, parts, and capabilities of Newcor.

Koops’ rock solid solutions now include Newcor welding technology in addition to Koop’s other stellar engineered solutions.
Newcor’s innovative technologies include:
  • HY-PAK
  • Seam Welding
  • Resistance Heating
  • Projection Welding
Products built on Newcor Equipment include:
  • Electric motor housings
  • Barrels/drums/chime bands
  • Bumpers
  • Compressors
  • Axle shafts
  • Catalytic converters

    And much more...
We now offer various welding system applications.
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Newcor History

Since 1969, Newcor has established a reputation for dependability and quality, both domestically and internationally. Whether your project calls for fully integrated, multi-process welding or a single stand-alone unit, one of our many Newcor solutions may be what you need.

Newcor has a long reputation dating back to the 1930’s of designing, building and servicing automated and stand-alone welding, assembly, metal forming and fully integrated manufacturing process machines, equipment and systems throughout the world.

Today, Koops continues the Newcor legacy with the same passion to quality and reliable parts and machinery.

We have the capability to help you develop your product and build your manufacturing process. Our welding lab is full of Newcor welders which we can use to run prototypes and optimize weld schedules.

OEM Parts

Investing in high-grade, custom machines means you need high-grade, custom parts. We are proud to offer the custom parts you need for your Koops or Newcor machines.

To keep your machines running at top-efficiency, you’ll need replacement parts, part rebuilds, and machine updates. Koops specializes in dependable, durable, and high-quality parts, both new and refreshed.

When our customers get parts from Koops, they know that we’ll meet and exceed expectations. No matter how specialized your part, Koops will provide a best fit for your system and equipment.

Machine + Parts Rebuilds

Sometimes the best things are well-used. That’s why we specialize in repair and refreshing all of your Newcor machines and parts. Having Koops retool or rebuild your machines is an effective way to prolong their most efficient years.


  • Expanders
  • Weld heads
  • Mandrels
  • Weld cartridges

    And more...
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