About Koops

Rock Solid Solutions + Stellar Support

Rock Solid Solutions + Stellar Support

Koops designs, builds, and integrates automation systems, uniting rock solid engineering solutions with stellar customer support to meet the complex demands of robust manufacturers seeking to grow.

Adding an automated element, whether it’s the first or the 100th, is a big decision and investment. But once implemented, our clients never look back—they experience efficiency, cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced safety.

100% Employee Owned

Stellar Customer Service

Focused Project Management

Rock Solid Engineering

All about robotics. Not at all robotic.

At Koops, service is the center of everything we do. We go above and beyond for our clients—bridging the gap between initial design plans and system installation while providing a clear path toward automation—raising the bar for a seamless, exceptional experience.

Our team works with each client to complete a comprehensive, technical consultation to determine and analyze current and future production goals, as well as consider a system’s manufacturability.

During the development process, we invite clients to work with Koops engineers on everything from robot programming to assembly. Before the machine is installed, machine runoffs and training are held with company employees to ensure all systems are working at the optimum level for the process. All equipment will come with detailed instructions, and we also send a team to each site to provide on-site employee training.

We’re in the business of long-term relationships.

Koops is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Our best testimony is our returning customers. When our partners are ready to add another piece of automation to their process, they come back confident and ready for more.

We’re your home away from home.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a collaborative and welcoming culture—our facilities were built with our customers in mind; we have the space to host large group meetings and the capacity for your team to view machine runoff before signoff and delivery.

For us, it’s personal.  

Our experienced team is by your side from concept to completion, delivering personalized progress reports to ensure the project is on the right track. We pride ourselves on open and direct communication, collaborative planning, and being an accountable, strategic business partner fully vested in your success.

Koops project managers work one-on-one with each client to guarantee a transparent dialogue and first-rate understanding of the equipment as well as expectations. With the help of project managers, our clients receive greater control over each phase of the process—so you can be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you please.

We realize manufacturing possibilities.

When you have a process you want automated, you need someone that understands your product, sees your vision, and comes up with a solution. Not only are Koops engineers highly-trained and knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines, they’re creative visionaries who are experts in the latest and greatest technologies.

Since no project is the same, Koops engineers are also continual learners—every piece of equipment we build is tailored to meet our clients’ needs and a wide range of applications. They are continuously coming up with new processes and ways of constructing a machine to be more efficient. That’s why they utilize expert analysis and engineering software to create tailored automation solutions specific to each client, tackling even the toughest design obstacles.

Our mechanical, electrical, controls, and launch engineers work together to ensure your project is a success. When you work with Koops, you’re not just getting the attention of one person on our team—you’re benefiting from our team’s collective knowledge.

Built-to-print saves time and money.

Do you already have a machine drawn to your product’s specifications, or are you looking to have a duplicate machine built that already exists at your facility? Koops can take the prints and make it a reality.

Getting back up and running quickly is essential if your assembly line is waiting on a piece of equipment. Koops can take an existing solution and replicate it—or make it even better. What Koops built-to-print capabilities mean for you:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved quality
  • Quicker turnarounds
Our Mission:
Service is the center of everything we do; we are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
To serve our customers with the best automation systems.
We’re in the business of helping your business run smoothly.
Our Vision:
Koops is 100% employee-owned. We’re passionate about our work and seeing our company and our customers succeed.
A team that is a beacon of principled integrity, excellence and stewardship.
It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.
We seek ways of accomplishing more with less, exceeding our customers’ expectations while maximizing value.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to serve God, our families, our community, and our customers while being guided by Biblical principles, embracing integrity, honesty, strength of character, fairness and respect.
Our Values:

Mesh together people possessing unique qualities, diverse experiences, talents, and strengths to form a team unmatched in resourcefulness, creativity, and raw potential.

A large part of our mission is to treat those with whom we have contact (customers, suppliers, each other, community) with integrity and the highest level of ethical behavior.
Do what we do to the best of our ability, constantly striving to best serve our internal and external customers with persistent drive and follow-through.
Develop and wisely use the resources we’ve been given in order to share what we have with others.

We pay our blessings forward:

We’ve been blessed as a company and with that comes the responsibility of stewardship. It’s important for us to give back to our community, not only financially but also with our time and hard work. We have several organizations and charities that we support. We also participate in service projects throughout the year with partner organizations that align with our core values. It’s great to see our team work together to help in the community that we call home.
Koops Automation Systems

A Progressive History

In November 1989, Wesley Koops founded the organization as a service company dedicated to supplying its customers with special machine designs and engineering services. Since then, Koops' continual expansion of capabilities has grown the business from an “engineering services” company to a “full service” company that showcases our hallmarks of service and support.

In 2012, Koops transitioned the company from a single business owner to a 100% Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Company. Inspired by their increased stake in the Koops' success, our team drove further growth with innovation. If teamwork is the bedrock of Koops’ success, the ESOP structure is the heart of our culture, fueling our drive to provide innovative special equipment solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. Our goal is to continuously improve our processes, which comply with ISO standards, while maintaining and enhancing Koops’ core values.
“Koops is one of the best suppliers I’ve worked with in my 20 years in the business.”
- Purchasing Director

“Koops demonstrated good program management capabilities and systems with an experienced team that is passionate and motivated. Also, a continuous improvement mindset.”
- Supplier Quality
Automotive OEM
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