Lamination & Wrapping

Our lamination systems are tailored to meet our clients’ unique requirements. They ensure consistent, repeatable joining and laminating of multiple components. Robotic, manual, and auto-feed lamination systems are designed and built to be used with numerous materials to yield the highest-quality product.

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Press Lamination

Clamshell machines fully adhere fabric to a substrate. A press lamination applies pressure and heat for a set amount of time, adjustable through the HMI. Clamshell machines are a safe and efficient method to join or install components onto small-to-medium sized parts.

  • Balanced clamshell to open and close machines effortlessly
  • Clamshell-style machines can be used for lamination, clip driving, heat staking, plastic welding, etc.
  • Leather, vinyl, and cloth fabrics all run on the same machine
  • Press system to apply an even pressure throughout the entire wrapped part

Lamination Systems Features and Benefits

  • Tight control of process parameters for consistent results
  • Multiple fabrics can run on the same machine (some restrictions apply)
  • Tool pack style-changeovers
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