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Automated Workstations

Punch Station - Koops
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Punch Station

Semi-automated station uses a hydraulic cylinder and custom design punch tooling to accurately create a cutout on a plastic injected molded part. Machines meet your project needs and use custom 3D nesting to load and locate parts. Precision part sensors verify all components are preset and in proper position before continuing with value add processes.

Trimming Workstation - Koops
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Trimming Workstation

Workstation designed to remove excess material from an injection molded part. Custom fixtures and tooling designed to accommodate unique parts that cannot be found in off the shelf items.

  • Fast, efficient process to remove material from several locations simultaneously
  • Simple, yet safe machine to protect operators from all moving components as well as removing sharp hazards while loading and unloading to keep both workers and the part safe
  • Sensors verify all gates have successfully been removed

Customized Workstations

Koops workstations are designed and built for single or multi-task processes. We work together to meet customer’s production requirements for shorter cycle times, operator ergonomics and zero defect assembly with in-line or end-of-line assembly testing. High quality workstations can include part feeding, indexing, machine vision, screw-driving, punching and process monitoring systems. Our engineers create stations that allow your business to run successfully. 

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