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Testing Equipment

Quality concerns are a major factor in modern manufacturing. Koops Inc. has extensive experience in developing custom product testing solutions that provide valuable data to increase efficiency and identify issues with processes or materials. We have designed, vision, electrical, in-line and end-of-line testing that customers have integrated into their day to day operations.
Sound and Vibration Testing - Koops
Sound and Vibration Testing »

Sound and Vibration Testing

The machine tests the performance and functionality of automotive seat track assemblies. It tests and records an applied load, electrical continuity, vibration detection, part motion & position. The machine inputs all collected data into a centralized PC. Part data is input into a plant network for record and traceability throughout the production line.

  • Traceability via a bar code and interaction with the plant database
  • Capability to communicate and store test data on a plant network
  • Machine mimics loading conditions
  • Tilt out part loading for ergonomics
End of Line Testing - Koops
End of Line Testing »

End of Line Testing

Final check station to verify all components are installed and function properly after several prior assembly stations. Stations can be tailored to check for presence, proper assembly, electrical continuity, resistance, light intensity, and more to meet stringent tolerance and quality criteria.

  • Ergonomic load and unload of parts
  • Can be standalone or integrated or part of the assembly process
Part Verification - Koops
Part Verification »

Part Verification

Semi-automated standalone machine is designed for both operator installation of parts and automated robotic clip installation with vision system verification.

  • Robot is used for part assembly and verification
  • Incorporated auto feeding system for clips
  • Camera system on end of arm tooling with machine lighting to confirm all components are installed correctly

Additional equipment that we specialize in:

  • NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) Testing
  • Vision Testing
  • Electrical Testing
  • Inline Testing
  • Leak and Pressure Testing


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