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Robotic Material Handling

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Robotic Material Handling

Labor saving work cells quickly and safely moves heavy loads from a pallet to a conveyor. Sensors detect part presence, location, and position with minimal operator interaction. Robots move material downstream to the assembly floor from two pallet bays.

Our robotic systems offer a comprehensive solution for your manufacturing and material handling needs. From packaging to part transfer and loading, our automated systems are designed to increase your productivity. We combine vision inspection with robotic material handling to provide an inspection cell with the maximum amount of flexibility. Automated inspection systems increase final product quality and minimize the risk of manual re-work.

  • 2 pallet bays for the robot to pick from
  • Part transfer from pallet to conveyor
  • Minimal operator interaction required to properly run the work cell
  • Various censors incorporated within the cell to detect part presence, location and position to verify parts are safely transported and located.
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