Hard Hat Photo - Koops, Inc.A successful work environment demands a combination of both employee safety and effective production. Functional standards include designs that keep employees free from injuries while allowing them to work efficiently. Automated manufacturing systems place safety first in warehouses, factories, and other environments where equipment creates potential hazards.

Machinery in the workplace often has heavy, moving parts designed to make production more efficient. These mechanical hazards present serious safety issues for employees as they use and work around the equipment. Non-mechanical hazards can also be present in these environments. Chemicals, noise, heat, and electrical dangers are common with automated manufacturing systems.

To minimize risks and keep employees safe, employers must provide thorough training, adequate protective gear, and safe access with and around equipment in the workplace. Business owners can also teach important safety tips.

  • Employees should never use machinery they don't understand or have not received thorough training to use.
  • Operators must follow all training procedures.
  • Perform ongoing maintenance and checks of all machinery to ensure it is working properly.
  • Employees should always use the correct equipment for the correct job.
  • Keep guards in place at all times during operation of machinery.
  • Technical personnel must follow all lock-out and tag-out procedures during maintenance.
  • Wear shoes with insulated soles and wear nonconductive gloves when working with electricity.
  • Do not continue to use equipment that you feel has compromised your safety system.
  • Maintain emergency operational controls of equipment to ensure it shuts down in the event of an issue or accident.
  • Require that all employees wear safety gear at all times.

With attention to detail and diligence to follow procedures, company owners and managers can keep automated manufacturing systems safe and productive, which benefits everyone in a company.

Photo Credit:  Adam Foster

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