ThinkstockPhotos-481045281Adding an automated element, whether it’s the first or the 100th, is a big decision and investment. But once implemented, our clients never look back—they experience efficiency, cost savings, increased productivity, and enhanced safety. We make sure they feel confident in every phase of the process through our commitment to outstanding customer service, reliable project management, and rock solid engineering solutions.

Excellent Customer Service

Our commitment to excellent customer service successfully bridges the gap between initial design plans and system installation, providing a clear path towards automation. We understand that long-term productivity increases must be a key justification for automation. Our team works with each client to complete a comprehensive, technical consultation to determine and analyze current and future production goals, as well as consider a system’s manufacturability.

During the construction process, we invite clients to work with engineers on everything from robot programming to assembly. All equipment will come with detailed instructions, and we also send a team to each site to provide on-site employee training.

Reliable Project Management

Most equipment takes 16 to 22 weeks to build, during which Koops maintains open and direct communication. Project managers work one on one with each client to guarantee an open dialogue and understanding of the equipment as well as expectations. With the help of project managers, our clients receive greater control over each phase of the process and can be as hands-on or hands-off as they please. They will also receive personalized progress reports tailored to their needs. With such dependable and attentive project management, we find that when clients are ready to add another piece of automation equipment to their process, they return to Koops and ask for the same project manager. Our collaborative planning and continued service pledge are just some of the ways we provide outstanding customer service.

Rock Solid Engineering Solutions

The right automation solution translates to implementing programs faster, minimizing prove-out times, and reducing time to market. We use expert analysis and engineering software, such as 3D CAD, to create the right automation solution for each client. Our engineers also use the customer’s data to tackle design obstacles, speeding up the project timeline. Committed to high-quality automation solutions, our engineers have tackled the toughest design challenges and delivered a continuous approach to manufacturing.

At Koops, it is our goal to provide excellent services that leave our clients feeling confident in and knowledgeable of their high-performance automation equipment.

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