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6 Benefits of Assembly Process from Automation Systems

September 27, 2017

Technology has made major advancements for almost every industry. Manufacturing is certainly one of those industries. The assembly process is one area that has seen significant changes. Automation from these technological advances has been key to business operation and efficiency for many years. Is your business taking advantage of all the benefits that automation can bring to your assembly process?

Koops has built many types of assembly systems for manufacturers from a variety of industries.  We have vast knowledge about how to create a system that will enhance your assembly process and help you maximize your automation capabilities. Our automated systems are developed and built specifically to meet your needs.  Whatever your assembly process needs are - a custom machine can be tailored for your systems.

Some of the Benefits of Assembly Process from Automation Systems:assembly process

  1. Reliability: Processes are reliably executed by automation, relieving operators from hours of tedious, challenging manual tasks. Automation is precise and repeatable.  It ensures the product is manufactured with the same specifications and process every time.
  2. Quality: Manual and automated assembly systems can handle multiple tasks in order to meet specific manufacturing requirements. Achieving consistent quality requires the ability to perform detailed production tasks with high repeatability. Automated systems can establish repeatable methods and effectively integrate tasks into a well-balanced production line.
  3. Consistency of Output and Throughput: Robotic assembly and inspection can maximize production and error detection using camera equipped robots for quality evaluation and verification. This helps reduce variability, bottlenecks and provides a consistent output.
  4. Labor Savings: For many manufacturers, the assembly process can signify one of the highest direct labor costs. These costs can be mitigated through automation. Automated processes lead to tighter process control and higher quality standards while keeping costs down.
  5. Track & Trace Capabilities: Automation enables you to track and trace every unit produced through the manufacturing process. If any issues arise, you will be able to review every action that has taken place to locate the source of the issue and resolve it.
  6. Greater Volumes: Automation yields a higher part production rate. This, in turn, produces greater profitability.

How to get started:
If you are considering automating your manufacturing line, collaborating with experts that specialize in factory automation systems saves time and money.  Koops specializes in innovative machines and customized work cells and can help implement a custom automation into your company that meets your goals. We can take your existing assembly ideas or processes and make them come to life or we collaborate with you to come up with a better solution to the assembly process. Contact us today to reap these benefits to your assembly process from automated systems.

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