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4 Ways Koops is Ideal for your Medical Manufacturing Project

August 2, 2017

Medical Manufacturing

Like many other industries, manufacturers of medical equipment need to produce a consistent product efficiently, but they also face the pressure of making sure safety, accuracy, and compliance to federal regulations are met throughout the production process. In medical manufacturing environments, the maintenance challenge is to increase cleanliness, minimize contamination, and keep equipment running. That challenge requires using materials, tools, and processes that will not affect the cleanliness of the finished product. Koops has the knowledge, experience, and capability to design and build equipment for medical devices for various cleanroom levels.

4 ways Koops is Ideal for your Medical Manufacturing Project

  1. Cleanroom Knowledge and Experience. We have completed many projects for the medical industry including laser cells, manual workstations, and fully automated robotic cells for various medical devices. We know what regulations need to met and can build your solution to meet those demands.
  2. Resources and Knowledge to Assemble/Test Medical Device. We have a team of engineers that will come up with a concept and design a machine or services of machines to complete the assembly process. Once we have a design in place we have the necessary team members to machine, assemble, and program the machine to meet the customer’s needs.
  3. Knowledge of Setup and Installation of Cleanroom Equipment. Not only are we experienced and capable of designing and building equipment our assembly and installation teams are also experienced in the setup and installation of the equipment for various levels of cleanrooms.
  4. Experience with UV curing. The use of UV curing systems and adhesives is an important assembly technique for medical device manufacturing. We have the knowledge and experience to meet these demands. 

When it comes to medical devices and equipment, quality is non- negotiable. Koops will take your device concept and use our strengths to deliver a complete and custom solution. From design to manufacturing and sterilization, we can handle any project. Contact us today for your free quote.

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