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How Robots Benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry

April 13, 2017

pharmaceutical industryAs the demands for new drugs and medicine grow, the pharmaceutical industry is continuously looking for new ways to increase productivity. This has lead to an increased reliance on automation and robotics. Many companies within the industry are seeing the benefits from the automated process. So how can robots help in the pharmaceutical industry? Let’s look at some of the ways.

4 Ways Robots Benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Robots can meet the demand for complying with strict hygiene regulations. Cleanroom grade robots are available and are built specifically for cleanroom use and are designed to meet cleanroom requirements. These robots must minimize particulate generation to maintain cleanroom classifications, typically ISO Class 5 or 6. Cleanability, including minimizing crevices and ensuring the robot is resistant to cleaning and sterilizing agents, is also a requirement.
  2. Robots can eliminate human error. Accuracy is extremely important in the pharmaceutical industry and the use of robots can meet those requirements. They also save workers from hazardous environments and/or repetitive tasks. Using robots also removes the potential for human contamination.
  3. Customized to meet project requirements. Robots and systems can be built to meet project requirements. Productivity is increased because of the accuracy and efficiency of robots, which often perform at increased speeds and produce less scrap. The slim, compact design of robots is beneficial when space is limited, as well.
  4. Robots can be used to dispense medication in labs and pharmacies. A dispensing robot in a pharmacy or lab saves time since the robot can input and output multiple packs in one movement. Patient wait times are decreased, and the extra time allows staff to spend time on other tasks.  Additionally, accuracy is enhanced, including stock control accuracy and barcode stock identification check.

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