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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Company for Automation Consultation

March 27, 2017

Automating a manual process can greatly increase the productivity of a manufacturing facility. It can reduce overall costs, reduce machine start-up time, and improve product quality and consistency. It can also increase the time to market of products through the speed, responsiveness, and flexibility of an automated system. Many companies are taking the next step with automation consultation for their manufacturing facility and you can, too. If you are thinking of introducing automation to your facility, we have put together some questions you will want answered before you pick a company to partner with.

  1. automation consulationVendor Capability: Does the company have expertise with the type of machine you are looking to have built? Do they have knowledgeable staff and equipment to build, test, and run your project?
  2. Track Record: Has the company built a machine similar to what you are asking them to do? Have you checked references? Have you talked to any of their past customers?
  3. Integrity: Have they delivered upon what they promise to customers? Do their projects come in at budget and on time?
  4. Follow Through: Will the company assign you a project manager and how much contact will you have with him or her? Does the company do onsite visits and provide support once your project is completed?
  5. Post Project Performance: Do the solutions the company provides perform at optimal levels? What is done to ensure the ideal performance of your solution after the project is completed?
  6. Machine Reliability: Do the automated machines and solutions perform their intended function for the time it was specified?
  7. Support: Does the company provide support through the entire duration of the project and long after installation? Can you purchase additional parts for the machine, as needed, from the company?

If you want better return on investment, you cannot afford to ignore the proven benefits of automation in manufacturing processes. Embracing automation will help your company leap forward to full process efficiency and productivity. Selecting the right machine builder is a big choice, has real cost impact and is a key element to longer term success. Make sure you choose someone who cares, has experience and integrity. Koops brings all that, and more. Contact us for your automation consultation.

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