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5 Benefits from using an Automated HIC Station

January 17, 2017

Headliner systems are one of the largest pieces of safety equipment in vehicles today. Dozens of individual components need to be assembled in just the right way and just the right place, so there is little room for error. The safety of the vehicle’s occupants may depend on it and the same can be said for an auto maker’s profitability. With reasons like that in mind, world-class automobile manufacturers are turning to the (HIC station) from Koops.

How Our Automated HIC Station WorksHIC Station

Using robotic technology, metered dispense systems, and advanced tooling design, our HIC station can help you efficiently and effectively assemble this important barrier of safety so it functions properly in the event of a roll-over accident. It also brings a variety of benefits to manufacturing headliners.

Here are the top five benefits you can count on when using an automated HIC Station from Koops, Inc.:

  1. Increased precision. ​Ensure that assembled component locations function as intended due to precise assembly.
  2. Consistent part-to-part cycle time​. Match the broadcast rate from the plant with consistent cycle time due to automation.
  3. Tracking product serial numbers. ​Ensure that quality measures are achieved through the assembly process using serial numbers.
  4. ​Decreased scrap material. ​Allows all processes to be tuned to optimal parameters, reducing the scrap rate of assembled parts.
  5. ​Decreased risk of ergonomic issues. Operators do not have to interface with product during the automated cycle reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Improve Your Product and Process with an Automated HIC Station from Koops, Inc.

Long gone are the days of businesses that can be totally dependent on people to do the monotonous, rigorous, and often-times undesirable work within assembly lines. Technology has changed the nature of manufacturing over the years and changed it for the better.

Computers and robots have added great benefits to the manufacturing industry, and automation (like our HIC station) has provided a significant competitive advantage. In the world of vehicle manufacturing, this smart application of automation is especially important.

We specialize in factory automation systems at Koops and have designed and built innovative special machines and automated equipment for leading, world-class vehicle manufacturers. If you want this for your business, there is no time like the present to take the next step.

 Click here​ to take a look and learn more about the HIC stations we have built. And if you have a headliner project, ​contact Koops​ today to discuss the benefits and awesome potential for building it all with manufacturing automation.

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