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How Customized Factory Automation Will Benefit Your Business

October 1, 2015

Efficiency in factory operations is critical. A streamlined manufacturing process lays the foundation for success and translates into a healthy and successful business. One of the best ways to improve factory efficiency is to incorporate customized factory automation into the manufacturing process.

For companies looking to upgrade manufacturing operations, a customized factory automation plan can provide great benefits in the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries among others. While there are numerous benefits to adding automation to a factory, there are four that stand out and have a major impact on the success of the company.

Saving Money
The top priority of many companies, cutting production costs, is also the main benefit of factory automation. Cost benefits are recognized primarily due to the increased speed, reliability and quality of the finished product an automated system will produce, which lowers the cost involved with production. In addition, there will be a reduction in waste because material is being used more efficiently. Factory automation also gives companies the flexibility to more efficiently allocate labor within their facility, thereby lowering the labor cost on the automated product lines.

Production Increases
In addition to cost savings, factories that employ an automated system will see increased production, which can allow for greater sales. An automated factory runs more efficiently due to the ability to run as the company sees fit, without having to worry about some of the variables that can lead to a loss of time.

A Safer Workplace
Factories can be hazardous to employees, putting them in danger of becoming injured on the job. An automated factory allows workers to be taken out of a potentially dangerous environment and given a less hazardous position within the company. Keeping employees out of harm’s way makes for a safer and more efficient manufacturing process.

Higher Quality Product
An automated system can help improve quality by adding extra layers of verification to the quality control process. The precise movements of the automated equipment reduce variability within the assembly process. Automated quality control ensures the product is manufactured in accordance with company standards.

In order to experience the full benefits of automation, it is important that a customized factory automation plan is developed based on the specific goals and manufacturing process of a company.

With over 25 years in the industry, Koops, Inc. is a factory automation systems company that specializes in creating custom automation plans and building automated equipment for manufacturers in the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries, among others.

Koops Inc. helps factories plan for automation by assembling a team of experts trained to meet the needs of industry-specific companies. A project manager is assigned as the main point of contact, and helps a company build and execute their customized factory automation plan. Automation goals are defined and technical specifications are developed to detail the concept, machine design and expectations of the project.

Before the machine is installed, machine runoffs and training are held with company employees to ensure all systems are working at the optimum level for the process.

Given the many benefits factory automation presents in an ever-changing economic climate, a customized automation plan has the ability to increase factory efficiency and lead to a successful business. To find out how factory automation will benefit your company visit

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