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Medical Equipment

Koops, Inc. will work with you to design and build custom medical equipment to meet your various needs.  This equipment can range from simple manual workstations to fully automated robotic cells that include features such as automated dispensing and part feeding, laser marking and cutting and even packaging. We can design your equipment to be suited for a clean room as well.  We have installed a wide range of our medical equipment in clean rooms including laser cells, manual workstations and fully automated robotic cells.
Medical Device Assembly Equipment - Koops
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Medical Device Assembly Equipment

This assembly line included several manual and automated workstations designed to assist the operators in the assembly of a medical hand piece. This line was designed and built to be

  • Laser cutting
  • Automated and manual dispensing with UV Curing
  • Resistance welding
  • Electrical and leak testing
  • Packaging


Koops is experienced with cleanroom equipment, we have been building machines designed for cleanrooms for several years.  We work with each of our customers individually to determine the best way to design and build the equipment needed for the given project.  Not only are we experienced and capable of designing and building equipment to meet the requirements of various levels of cleanrooms our installation and assembly crews are also experienced in the setup and installation of equipment and understand what this process involves.


Koops is ready to partner with you and your team to successfully design, build and install the medical equipment you need.  Whether its simple workstations, complicated automated cells or clean room equipment we will work with you to develop the machines necessary to meet your projects requirements.  Koops provides full-service and support to all of our clients with a focus on solution engineering and customer satisfaction. With outstanding manufacturing knowledge and a keen understanding of automation technology, Koops, Inc. provides industry leading medical equipment with an eye on improving your process.

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