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Joining Systems & Laminating

Sonic Welding - Koops
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Sonic Welding

Coordinated operator-machine interaction with a manual loading of components and machine sonic weld with feedback. Each part is verified before machine will release the part.

  • Sonic weld application
  • Manual component installation with every piece verified by the machine
  • HMI feedback for all steps in the assembly sequence
Press Lamination - Koops
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Press Lamination

Clam shell machine to fully adhere fabric to a substrate in an automotive interior part. Press applies pressure and heat for a set amount of time, adjustable through the HMI. Clam shell machines are a safe and efficient method to join or install components onto small to medium sized parts.

  • Press system to apply an even pressure throughout the entire wrapped part
  • Leather, vinyl and cloth fabrics all run on the same machine
  • Clamshell style machines can be used for lamination, clip driving, heat staking, plastic welding, etc.
  • Balanced clam shell to open and close machines effortlessly

Joining Systems

Our joining systems are designed, built and tailored to your unique requirements to perform consistent, repeatable joining components made of various materials. From simple to complex, from dedicated to flexible, we design and deliver the ideal cost effective, ergonomic, and safe joining and laminating solution. As integrators we have the skill and knowledge to match your application.

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