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Koops Provides Custom IoT Solutions

Get Connected

Get real-time updates  on all aspects of your operation, using Koops’ IoT Solutions.

Connectivity = Insights

Koops’ IoT Solutions puts you in control of your operation by compiling data and presenting key metrics on your machine’s performance. Get information from equipment in real time, monitor productivity, receive support from trained technicians, troubleshoot problems in minutes instead of hours, prevent equipment failures, and more.

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce costs or inputs, increase quality and compliance, or enhance plant safety, Koops’ IoT Solutions gives you the insights you need to optimize your operation.

Join the many other manufacturers who’ve discovered how IoT can lead to:

  • Better device and asset management
  • Fewer equipment failures / less downtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced innovation
  • Greater plant safety and security
  • Higher quality/compliance
  • More efficient planning and logistics

How It Works

Koops’ IoT Solutions begins with a robust, mountable gateway that installs inside the machine control panel. This gateway provides remote access for on-demand servicing and programming of your equipment, concurrently with static connections for monitoring and logging.

We provide Remote Access (RA) for most types of industrial equipment via Ethernet, using the equipment’s native protocols (e.g. Modbus, PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, etc.).

Connections are established via the Internet through the existing wired network infrastructure—or wireless by the integrated 4G (LTE) built-in modem.

All necessary hardware and software technologies are provided by Koops, Inc. Customer must provide internet access at the machine installation site via standard LAN connection. (If required, alternative Wi-Fi or 4G LTE cellular connections options are available for additional cost.)

All traffic is encrypted. Koops’ RA Support meets the highest industry standards and is certified by the independent security organization ProtectEM GmbH in Germany in close cooperation with the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

Option 1: Remote Access (RA) and Support

Koops’ IoT Remote Access (RA) capability provides secure remote connectivity to the equipment by trained technical resources in real time, enabling offsite machine diagnostics and service support, software upgrades, and troubleshooting of most IP devices connected to the machine’s network.

Option Comparison#1 – RA#2 – DA
Live viewing of machine HMI display
Remote secure connection to PLC
Improved machine diagnostics
Access for offsite technical resources
Cloud-based data acquisition/storage
Customized performance dashboard(s)
Automated machine alert/alarms

Option 2: Data Analytics (DA) with Remote Access

Koops’ IoT Data Analytics (DA) includes all Remote Access (RA) capabilities, plus the added ability to collect, format, and store any operating data being generated by the machine, and subsequently retrieve and display the data using custom data visualization.

This option utilizes Microsoft’s trusted and global Azure cloud platform and Azure IoT services to provide not just real-time connectivity but real-time data visibility. Data visuals are provided in customized dashboards configured and maintained to each customer’s specifications by Koops, Inc. Dashboards are accessible on a continuous basis via a secure web portal and mobile app and can be concurrently accessed/viewed by multiple users using any web-enabled device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc).

This option also provides manufacturers with the ability to receive custom reports tailored to their KPIs, and configure automated alerts/alarms to send to designated users via email whenever any specific machine operating conditions or performance thresholds are detected.