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Edgefolding and Edgewrapping

Edgefinishing technology is a critical process applied to many products in the transportation industry and consumer goods market. Koops customizable edgewrap and edgefold machines create a clean, crisp look that is visually appealing to consumers. Product-specific tooling configurations allow machines to run multiple part versions and enables higher utilization of capital equipment. Edgefold machines perform a localized thermoforming process where the substrate and coverstock are heated and formed in specific areas
Edgefold Machine - Koops
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Edgefold Machine

Dual-purpose edgefold machines cover stock around a sunroof opening to create a finished edge suitable for the interior of a vehicle.

  • Stiffener ring around the sunroof opening that provides support to the headliner as well as mounting locations for fitting the headliner in the vehicles
  • The stiffener is attached to the headliner with adhesive that is applied to the headliner by the six-axis robot
  • Upper and lower platens can be easily removed so that the machine can run multiple versions of headliners using interchangeable toolpacks
Edgewrap Machines - Koops
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Edgewrap Machines

Machines are designed to create a finished edge suitable for the interior of a vehicle around both sunroof openings as well as the front edge of a headliner. Headliner fabric is wrapped around the specified areas and secured with adhesive.

  • Pneumatically actuated tooling and part specific nesting is used to wrap cover stock around the edges
  • The fabric is held in place by adhesive that is applied either by an operator or a robot
Seatback Edgewrap - Koops
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Seatback Edgewrap

Fabric is laminated and wrapped on an automotive interior part. Machine is set up for ergonomic loading and unloading. Tooling consistently wraps fabric around the part to give all edges a clean look with no seams or additional fabric processing before installation.

  • Fabric installation on a seatback on both automotive and non-automotive applications
  • Interchangeable tool packs to run several models on a single machine
  • Tooling designed to fit specific applications


Koops has unmatched experience engineering custom edgefinishing equipment with edge folding and edge wrapping systems, combining automated processes dependent on the headliner and substrate materials used along with adhesive requirements. Koops works with hard and soft trim components and can incorporate lamination processes in custom built machines.

Why Koops?

Koops provides full-service and support to all clients with a focus on solution engineering and customer satisfaction. With outstanding manufacturing knowledge and a keen understanding of high-speed automation technology, Koops, Inc. provides market leading edgefinishing equipment with an eye on improving your product.

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