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Work Stations

Koops workstations are designed and built for single or multi-task processes, we work together to meet customers production requirements for shorter cycle times, operator ergonomics and zero defect assembly with in-line or end-of-line assembly testing. High quality workstations can include part feeding, indexing, machine vision, screwdriving and process monitoring systems. Our engineers create stations that run your business.
Manual and Semi-Automated Assembly Line - Koops
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Manual and Semi-Automated Assembly Line

Operator workstations assist in manual part assembly with machine verification to ensure all components are present, installed, and adhesive is fully cured. Machines are custom-tailored to each part assembly and include the desired level of automation and verification to meet project requirements. Quality checks are performed using a PLC system and incorporated sensors. Mechanical poka-yokes aid in proper part installation.

Work Stations

Production line operators are able to do their best work with our systems because each of our work stations are tailor-made for their needs. We adhere to lean manufacturing principles and achieve your goals by putting specific task operation strategies in place to allow your equipment and employees to work more efficiently. This includes the following:

  • 5S Lean Work Stations
  • Sub-Assembly Workcells
  • Multi-Station Assembly Lines
  • Manual Assembly with Automated Quality Check

With outstanding manufacturing knowledge and a keen understanding of high-speed automation technology, Koops, Inc. provides cutting-edge automated assembly equipment. Our semi-automatic assembly cells can handle multiple tasks in order to meet your specific manufacturing requirements, including part feeding, indexing, machine vision, controllers, screwdriver spindles, and process monitoring systems. Increase production and reduce costs with shorter cycle times, improved operator ergonomics, and zero-defect assembly by incorporating in-line or end-of-line testing.

Why Clients Choose Us

Our solutions can give your manufacturing process the boost it needs to rise above the competition and exceed your growth strategies. Our clients see the difference with Koops’ engineered approach to automation and unparalled customer support. From material handling solutions to robotics and assembly machinery, our custom equipment will give your company the competitive edge. Request a quote and discuss your project further with one of our talented team members today.

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