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Robotic Dispensing


This fully automated dual robot HIC (head impact countermeasure) station features automated infeed and outfeed conveyors. Two 6-axis Fanuc robots are used to apply the adhesive to the back side of the headliner while flip arms apply and wet out the HIC.

  • Flip fixtures include a barrel roll to transition between standard and sunroof tooling without manual changeover
  • Light curtain, floor scanners, and hard guarding keep operators safe and fully meet safety requirements
  • The entire station requires only two operators to load the HIC into the flip fixtures
  • Precision adhesive dispensing is achieved by using a 6-axis robot


Robotic dispensing helps speed production rate, improve accuracy and ensure quality of parts while eliminating waste and increasing flexibility. Robots bring precision to your dispensing systems and assembly operations.

Robotic Dispensing Equipment: Our automated dispensing equipment offers reliable solutions for a wide range of applications and have the capability to dispense lubricants, adhesives, and more.

Dispensing is a pivotal process when it comes to assembling parts. Many industries have to follow precise guidelines to where and how much adhesives, grease or other materials are to be dispensed. Koops will meet project requirements in robotic, servo actuated, manual and vision guided dispensing systems.

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