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Robotic Deburr

Automatic and precision grinding improves efficiency using an end-of-arm rotary tool. Quick change tooling can handle multiple part versions. Deburring solutions are dynamic and offer multi-robot capability and high-speed application for lean manufacturing processes.

  • Multi robot capability
  • High speed application
  • Capable of multi-part versions

FANUC Robotics Integrator

As a certified FANUC Robotics Integrator, we have the technology and expertise to match your application. We have been incorporating robots into custom applications since the early 2000’s. The engineering team at Koops, Inc. will work with your staff to meet your robotic needs (dispensing, pick and place, assembly, etc.). We evaluate your product geometry and process parameters to develop robotic tooling that matches FANUC standards and fits your needs.

We have expertise in programming FANUC robots but we are well versed in integrating many other robot brands (ABB, Epson, Motoman, IAI, Parker, etc.). We evaluate each project to determine what brand of robot fits best for the application and for the customer. If you’d like to inquire about our services, contact us today.

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