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Laser Systems

Koops, Inc. designs and builds custom laser systems for customers ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical devices and jewelry manufacturing. Whether it’s laser marking or laser cutting, Koops can develop and integrate a laser system to meet your needs.
Automated Laser System - Koops
Automated Laser System »

Automated Laser System

A single laser marks four different lines at one time, with customizable marks ranging from text, barcodes, designs, and logos.

  • Spool and tension system to control bulk rolls
  • Controlled feed speeds and take-up systems
  • Custom laser marking available on all types, shapes, and sizes of components
  • Machine parameters adjustable through an HMI touch screen
Manual Laser System - Koops
Manual Laser System »

Manual Laser System

Laser marking system was designed to mark various products and a variety of sizes. Manually loaded machine with automatic verification to ensure cart is loaded for safe operation.

  • Ability to create barcodes, 2D matrix codes, serial numbers, logos etc.
  • Marking is possible on a wide range of materials including polymers, ceramics, and metals

Laser Marking & Laser Cutting

Koops has integrated laser systems with laser marking and cutting units into machines for many industries and a wide range of materials including metals, plastics and fabrics. Common laser applications include barcodes, 2D matrix codes, text, logos and serial numbers, etc. The accurate, fast, and reliable technology eliminates consumables associated with other marking methods.

Why Koops?

We have experience with many brands of off the shelf lasers and have successfully integrated both fiber and CO2 lasers in a variety of sizes and power levels. We will work with both you and the laser manufacturer to develop a system to meet your project requirements. If you are new to lasers or have a challenging application, we have years of experience in specifying lasers to meet a project’s specific needs.

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