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Koops FAQ


Q:  What brands of robot do you have experience integrating?

A:  We have experience integrating most major brands including Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, Epson, Intelligent Actuator, and more.  We are flexible from project to project and often base the robot selection on customer preference.


Q: How many locations do you have?

A: Koops has two locations in Holland, MI, one in Greenville, SC and service technicians located in several strategic locations throughout Mexico.


Q: What type of products/industries does Koops build machines for?

A: Koops is a custom machine builder, hence no two machines are the same. Koops is headquartered in Holland, Michigan, and as a result do a great deal of work for automotive customers, specifically for automotive interior systems. That being said, Koops has built custom machines ranging from low volume clean room medical equipment assembly machines all the way to high volume custom jewelry manufacturing and just about everything in-between. Koops can be your one stop shop for your unique application.


Q: Is Koops a FANUC Authorized System Integrator?

A: Yes. We are a certified FANUC integrator and have the technology and expertise to match your application.


Q: Will you sell equipment outside the US?

A: Yes! We have shipped machines all over the world.  Once the machine is complete we will ship it out and send a team out to your facility to install and set up, run off, and support the machine.


Q: Do you build your own control panels for each machine that you build?

A: Yes. We have a team of individuals including journeyman and master electricians at Koops that focus on designing and building electrical panels for all of the machines we build.


Q: What tasks are performed in house?

A: We are a turn key supplier with all major functions performed in house to best control project quality, adherence to timelines, and responsiveness. Koops has a full design team, complete fabrication shop including welding, 2D, and 3D cutting, machine build, program, and validate. The only major outsourced functions are powder coating and hardening


Q: What solid design program does Koops use?

A: Koops uses Solidworks 2016 and can transfer data from most other formats to seamlessly start from part data to finalized machine designs. We have developed a part library, custom tools within Solidworks, and proprietary design tools to aid in an efficient process and rock solid design.


Q: I have a project in mind. How do I start?

A: Give us a call! We can start the conversation by heading to your facilities and looking both at the specific project and the overall impact on your organization including long term goals, culture, history, and unique market opportunities. After the initial meeting, we will develop machine concepts based around unique specifications, and provide a quotation for the project.

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