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Sound and Vibration Testing Machines

Sound and Vibration Testing Machines

A sound and vibration testing machine tests the performance of automotive seat track assemblies.  The machine consists of:

  • test stand to stand properly fixtures the seat track assembly to mimic its mounting in the vehicle.  The test stand also applies a weight to mimic a 70kg user.
  • power supply and connection system, that is able to manipulate the seat track through all of its motions
  • accelerometers that “detect” vibration
  • linear position sensors
  • data collection hardware and a PC, that uses the vibration and linear position data to make a judgment as to if the seat track assembly is of an acceptable quality

Other features:

  • Tilt out part loading for ergonomics
  • Seat track traceability via a bar code and interaction with the plant database

Capability to communicate and store test data on a plant network.

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