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Pawl Latch Insertion

Pawl Latch Insertion Machine

Designed and built as a fully automated standalone machine that inserts and attaches the pawl latch to a seat rail for adjustable automotive seats. It consists of four separate stations, a two-axis part transfer system and a four-position rotary dial.

  • The first station is the manual load station. Operator loads two components onto the dial. Photo eyes verify the proper parts are loaded.
  • The second station is the insertion station. Pneumatically actuated tooling compresses and inserts the pawl latch into the seat rail.
  • The third station is the screw station. Two fully automated screw guns with bowl feeders attach the two parts together with two screws through the seat rail and into the pawl latch.
  • The fourth station is the quality check and unload station, cycling the pawl latch through its entire range of motion and monitoring the torque required. A two-axis servo-controlled pick and place is used at this station to unload the finished parts and place them in either the good or bad parts bins.
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