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Headliner Edgefold Machine

Headliner Edgefold Machine

Dual-purpose machine folds fabric around a sunroof opening to create a finished edge suitable for the interior of a vehicle. It also applies a stiffener ring around the sunroof opening that provides support to the headliner as well as mounting locations for fitting the headliner in the vehicles. The stiffener is attached to the headliner with adhesive that is applied to the headliner by the six-axis robot. Automated tooling located on the upper platen places the stiffener in the adhesive and applies the wet out pressure after the robot is finished with its cycle. Heaters located within automated tooling heat and re-thermoform the cut edge around the perimeter of the sunroof opening. This is considered a universal machine because the upper and lower platens can be easily removed so that the machine can run multiple versions of headliners, lowering the customer’s cost of changeover.

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